卡塔尔世界杯中国元素抢眼 中国企业正成为2022年卡塔尔世界杯最大赞助商

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A worker arranges the scarves of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in a factory in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, on Nov 5, 2022. [Photo/VCG]

As the World Cup approaches in Qatar, "made in China" are having increasing presence in this biggest football bonanza across the globe, with Chinese brands betting on amounting sponsorship to enhance their international influence, according to Global Data, a consulting and analytic company headquartered in London, Beijing Business Today reported.据《北京商报》报道,总部位于伦敦的咨询和分析公司环球数据称,随着卡塔尔世界杯的临,“中国制造”在这场最大规模的足球商业赛事中的影响力越来越大。

Wanda Group, Hisense Group, Vivo and dairy company Mengniu are four official Chinese sponsors of FIFA, while Wanda has become one of FIFA's seven corporate partners, along with Coca-Cola, Adidas, Hyundai-Kia, Qatar Airways, Qatar Energy and VISA.本届世界杯中,国际足联官方指定的中国赞助商总共有四家,分别是万达集团、海信集团、Vivo和蒙牛乳业。万达与可口可乐、阿迪达斯、现代起亚、卡塔尔航空、卡塔尔能源、VISA一同被列为国际足联七大官方合作伙伴之一。

Data showed Chinese companies provided more sponsorship revenue than companies from any other country at the 2022 World Cup, ranking as the world's top with nearly $1.4 billion, exceeding that of the US at $1.1 billion.数据显示,中国企业在本届卡塔尔世界杯的赞助额达到了14亿美元,居世界第一,美国企业赞助额为11亿美元。

Apart from big companies, manufacturers from Yiwu, China's small commodity hub, are also witnessing their growing influence during the world-renowned sports event.除了大企业,来自中国小商品之都义乌的制造商在这场全球体育盛宴中的影响力也与日俱增。

From footballs, national flags and trophy ornaments to horns and whistles, over 60 percent of souvenirs are being produced in Yiwu for this years' World Cup.从足球、国旗、奖杯饰品到喇叭和口哨,本届世界杯60%以上的纪念品来自义乌。

"In terms of the global industrial supply chain, 'made in Yiwu' has already become a worldwide commercial symbol originating from China, which indicates 'reliance' and 'trust'", said Song Xiangqing, an economist and the vice-president of the Commerce Economy Association of China.中国商业经济协会副会长、经济学家宋向清表示:“就全球产业供应链而言,‘义乌制造’已经成为源自中国的世界商业符号,这意味着‘信赖’和‘信任’”。

Lusail, Qatar's biggest stadium to hold the World Cup final, was built by China Railway Construction Corp International, costing a total of $770 million.卡塔尔最大的体育场卢赛尔体育场是世界杯决赛场地,由中国铁建承建,耗资7.7亿美元。

CCTV news reported that Chinese companies mainly from Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces have also provided more than 10,000 container houses for the World Cup, used as accommodation for tourists and football fans.据央视新闻报道,本届世界杯为游客和球迷提供了1万多个集装箱房作为住宿场所,这些集装箱主要来自中国广东和浙江的企业。

"The World Cup sponsorship by a large number of Chinese companies is a demonstration of China's economic power, and makes the globe feel the power of Chinese brands," Song said.宋向清称:“大量中国企业赞助世界杯是中国经济实力的展示,让世界感受到中国品牌的力量。”

According to Deloitte's report, football generates an annual output of more than $500 billion across the world, accounting for over 40 percent of the sports industry, being called "the world's 17th largest economy".德勤报告显示,足球行业的全球年产值超过5000亿美元,占体育产业的40%以上,被称为“世界第17大经济体”。

Vivo, for example, entered the markets in 10 European countries through its sponsorship of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.例如,智能手机厂商Vivo在赞助2018年俄罗斯世界杯后,顺势进入10个欧洲国家市场。

In cooperation with the UEFA Euro Cup, the smartphone manufacturer doubled its market share growth in Europe, and further accelerated Vivo's globalization process.通过与欧洲杯合作,Vivo在欧洲的市场份额增长了一倍,并进一步加快了Vivo的全球化进程。

By participating in popular sports events around the world, Chinese brands are able to march into the international market in a more imperceptible way, and resonate emotionally with global users, according to Vivo.Vivo表示,通过与世界各地知名体育赛事合作,中国品牌能够以潜移默化的方式进入国际市场,并与全球用户建立起情感沟通。

In 2016, Hisense spent $100 million to become an official sponsor of the World Cup in Russia. Sales volume of Hisense TV surged nearly three times after the game kicked off, reaching a record high.2016年,海信斥资1亿美元成为俄罗斯世界杯官方赞助商,开赛后,海信电视的销量激增三倍,创下历史新高。

"However, sponsoring sports events should not be dismissed simply as marketing stunts," Song said, "as overseas markets have complex social systems and ethnic cultures, Chinese brands need to consolidate the foundation first, and build up themselves in product, service and platform."宋向清称:“然而,赞助体育赛事不应被简单地视为营销噱头,由于海外市场具有复杂的社会体系和民族文化,中国品牌需要首先打好基础,做强产品、服务和台。”

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